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Four Days with Jack

When David invited his best friend on vacation, he never expected them to fall in love…

Spending four days in a tropical paradise with Jack is a dream come true. For years, David has lived a lie and denied his romantic feelings for Jack. Now that they’re together in an isolated Caribbean resort, he finally admits what he really wants—to be Jack’s lover.

Jack has been in love with David for years and is encouraged by his desire to explore a sexual relationship. He’s more than willing to introduce David to the life he has always fantasized about. Their sizzling nighttime encounters confirm David’s long-hidden cravings, but what will happen when they leave the resort?

Will David come out and start a new life with Jack? Or will he go back to his old ways and risk losing the best friend he ever had?

Reviews for Four Days With Jack

4 Gold Crowns! Four Days with Jack is a great story about best friends who have been in love with each other for years, and, for various reasons, afraid to let it out, finally give in while on vacation. David and Jack are beautifully created. They both have their faults but love each other enough to want to try. Four Days with Jack is a great story about accepting who you are and going after what you really want." - Jaymes, Reviewer, The Readers Round Table

"Four Days With Jack was exactly as promised. Hesitation, longings, risks, fears, and in the end, taking love the way it comes. The sex is hot, the characters likeable and the writing was easy to read. The peaks and valleys of the story come from David and Jack coming to terms with their relationship. Their secrets are exposed but those secrets and actions come with consequences. Their journey is a pleasant read and one I'm sure you'll enjoy as well." - Seriously Reviewed

"I thought that Kelli did a very good job portraying the confused David and the wary, but hopeful, Jack. David's inner turmoil and fears about outing himself were so heartbreaking. I definitely felt for him. FOUR DAYS WITH JACK is a strong romance with very likeable characters. I'm quite glad I read this story. I learned that as a romance fan I can definitely appreciate and enjoy those that feature two male heroes. FOUR DAYS WITH JACK is an emotional, yet sexy coming-out story about two men finally opening themselves up to the possibility of a great love. It was an excellent introduction into the world of m/m romance." - Jennifer, Reviewer, Romance Novel News

A Mild Excerpt from Four Days With Jack

David walked to the veranda and opened the sliding glass door. He inhaled the warm night air. This was a perfect paradise vacation. Tonight had been great, and it was even more special because he was spending it with Jack.

A minute later, Jack came out of the bathroom, weaving toward him. He gestured at Jack’s shorts. “Dude, your fly’s undone.”

“Consider it easy access.” Jack extended his arms. “How about a hug?”

David hugged him tight. Jack’s body was taller and thicker than what he was used to, but he melted into his arms. He wanted to stay here forever.

“What do you want to do now?” Jack asked.

“This.” David kissed him, and Jack draped his arms around his waist. They deepened the kiss, their tongues probing and hungering for more.

Jack pulled away. “Bed?”

“No. Here.” David unbuttoned Jack’s green shirt and parted the material. He stroked Jack’s chest muscles, then toyed with his nipples, pinching them lightly.

“Oooh, that’s nice. Want me to strip?”

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