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Kelli's mystery, "Diamonds" was published in issue #14 of Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine. In this story, a sneaky thief gets more than he bargains for!

An Excerpt from Diamonds:

Vinnie heard the barking as soon as he stepped out of the car. He unlocked the back door to the blue house and strolled into the kitchen, ignoring the eager-looking beagle he was supposed to feed.

He wandered through the small Cape-Cod style home, surveyed the furnishings, and shrugged. Middle class. Ordinary. Sometimes he got lucky, sometimes not. Either way, he had a pretty decent racket going.

According to the stat sheet his cousin Louie had given him, Maggie Collins would be out of town until Tuesday. As a part-time worker for his cousin’s pet-sitting service, he was able to case houses, pick up whatever spare cash might be lying around, find jewelry to pawn, and even watch cable TV.

The pet-sitting assignments kept him busy in several counties, and he made sure never to hit more than one house per town. Usually, he lifted small objects that no one would miss right away. Some people owned so much crap that they never noticed when things went missing. 

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