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Kelli’s horror story, “Just an Innocent Little Cat” was published in DARK THINGS II: Cat Crimes: Tales of Feline Mayhem and Murder in December 2011. All proceeds from sales of this anthology go to several cat sanctuaries across the USA. The character of Chester is based on a real-life orange cat.

An Excerpt From Just an Innocent Little Cat

Danny turned off the water and opened the shower curtain. He yelped and stepped back. “Damn thing! Get the hell out of here!”

Chester glared at him and hissed.

“Ma! Hey, ma!” Danny covered himself with his hands. “Get this cat outta here!”

Chester heard footsteps on the stairs and darted into the hallway. He sat on the top step of the carpeted staircase and raised his tail in greeting as his woman approached.

“Hello baby,” Betty purred and stroked his head. “Danny, what are you shouting about now?”

“Your damn cat! It was in the shower with me. You know I hate cats! Get rid of it.”

“That’s ridiculous. Cats don’t like water. Why would Chester go into the shower?” She paused. “Really Danny, I don’t know why you make up these stories. Chester is just an innocent little cat.” She sighed. “I made you some eggs and bacon, just like you wanted. Come down and eat before everything gets cold.”

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